Yoga Classes in Our Windsor, CO Yoga Studio

Yoga is not one type of workout. There are several kinds of yoga, each focusing on a different goals or philosophies. We offer a variety of classes and degrees of difficulty.

For years, practitioners all over the world have reported receiving mental and physical health benefits from yoga.

Hatha Yoga Class

This Yoga class caters to the novice and veteran yogi. You will explore transition asanas, standing postures as well as challenging twists in a well balanced gentle way.

Vinyasa Yoga Class

This Yoga class will focus on the foundational poses of Yoga. We will be working on relieving tightness in all areas of the body. If you are looking for a good mix of strengthening, flexibility and relaxing this is the class for you!

Power Yoga Class

This Yoga class is designed to take the "barre" out of barre and use body weight mindbody yoga inspired movements to challenge and strengthen your balance and muscles. Designed to stand alone as a workout or assist you in building strength for all your other activities.

SUP Yoga Class

This Yoga class combines hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga poses, with a variation of stand up paddle boarding. Practicing yoga on a surface that is moving – like the paddleboard – engages the core muscles and strengthens other muscles which wouldn't otherwise be used in earth-bound practice.