Aerial Yoga Classes in Windsor, CO

Aerial Yoga Classes in Windsor, CO

Offered May-August and Offered Privately/Semi Privately through the winter

Aerial yoga can help to improve balance, strengthen the core, elongate muscles, and enhance flexibility and joint mobility. No more issues with compression of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, or wrists!

Turning your world upside-down can be therapeutic by reversing the effects of gravity, providing joint decompression and improving whole-body circulation inviting energy to flow freely throughout your very being.

You will experience traditional yoga postures while suspended a few feet off the floor in a colorful, soft silk hammock to effortlessly move and glide through a wide range of motions from seated to standing. The yoga aerial hammock offers an expanded dimension of asanas or poses not always accessible on a yoga mat. Forward bends, back bends, laterals, twists, inversions, and Savasana are explored in each class.

No prior hammock experience necessary.