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Pi-Yo-Co Director, Pilates and Yoga Professional and Franklin Method Level 1 Instructor

I began my journey in 1996 studying Ashtanga Yoga at Aims Community College, and I later received my Yoga teaching certification through AAAI/ISMA. In 2003 I completed my Pilates training at the world renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

I have been blessed with the amazing experience to run and operate my own studio since 2003. I began at the Health Club at Pelican Lakes from 2003-2010 and to birth the Yoga Pilates Center at the Fort Collins club directing and managing their program for 2 years, from 2007-2009. The opportunity to take on The Windsor Pilates Yoga Studio in June of 2010 added to the unbelievably divine and fortunate events of my journey. We bought the studio and changed the name to The Pilates Yoga company in November of 2010 and moved back to Pelican Lakes in 2017 where we still are today.

I am grateful and look forward to providing outstanding service to current clientele as well as giving new clients the experience of these modalities.


Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor

My fascination with movement began as a young adult after the joy and freedom of moving without pain was taken away from me. At 17 a perfect storm of events caused my health to spiral downward and changed my world as I knew it. I suffered from chronic pain and a neurological disorder that left me mostly bed bound for the next 5 years.

I began to regain health as I worked with an OT that specializes in a form of bodywork called Myofascial Therapy. As my body began to heal it was clear I needed to relearn how to move! That is when Pilates came into my life. I worked with a Physical Therapist who used Pilates as a tool to teach movement. That allowed me to begin to break free from the ties that bound my body and the fear that had restricted my movement for so many years. I began to experience joy and freedom in moving again. That is where my passion and fascination of the human body and its power to heal began.

I pursued an education in both John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) and Pilates through the Balanced Body training program. I believe that these two modalities complement each other in the most powerful way. MFR provides deep, authentic healing and Pilates makes functional movement accessible and fun! Pilates is so much more than an exercise regimen. It is a way to address dysfunctional movement patterns that may lead to injury down the road, or retrain muscles due to an old injury or chronic pain. I love using Pilates as a tool to help people tune into their bodies and find efficient movement that feels good!


Pilates Instructor

In 1997, I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors of science in human nutrition. I went on to get my high school teaching license and, after a short stint teaching high school in Fort Collins, I left teaching to raise my two wonderful kids.

When I first began Pilates, I was drawn to the mind-body connection, uniformly developing the body, and engaging often neglected muscles. Some years later, I committed stronger to the Pilates method for my own personal wellness and to avoid injuries I experienced from playing tennis and HIIT workouts. I love that Pilates is for all bodies and all abilities!

My Pilates training is through the Pilates Sports Center under the direction of the fabulous Lee Cooper. I am now thrilled with the opportunity to work with Maila Rider at The Pilates Yoga Company. I have always had a fascination with the ability to create health and wellness within our own bodies. When we move better, we feel better, and we live better!


B.A. in Kinesiology & Licensed Massage Therapist, and Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor

I’m a mom, meditation practitioner, gardener and an empathic healer. Currently, I’m passionate about helping you to connect to your fascial system (the webbing encasing our entire body) through healthy movement. I am Balance Body trained in Pilates and Corealign and am thrilled to be working in this gorgeous studio with these highly skilled instructors! I have past experience of living with aches and chronic pain, I now live with joy and ease. I am honored to have the chance to share some tools with you to encourage your growth and well-being. I strive to be in sync with the nature of life - continually expanding, growing, and surrendering to the greater flow. I look forward to exploring with you!


RYT-200 Yoga Instructor and Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Kristin is an energetic and passionate professional motivated to help individuals of differing backgrounds, sizes, orientation, ages and physical abilities experience the full benefits of Yoga. She is very eager to  share and lead experiences in playful joy, body transformation and mental clarity.

Having fun is always a priority, so feel free to laugh and try new things. Some days are epic, other days you just need reassurance that you are still a good human being that is not alone in this crazy world. Kristin wants to be a part of all those moments!

Kristin loves teaching private/semi private sessions/parties, and is skilled in modifications for mobility or injury concerns. Class types are Hatha, Power or Slow Flow, Restorative, Yin, and of course the Aerial silks yoga/Aerialists!! Kristin is joining the Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga instruction team this summer.